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solo angeles toy run 31st edition

The Tijuana Toy Run is an annual event that has taken place for over tree decades. The Tijuana Toy Run is open to everyone, whether you ride a Harley or any other type of motorcycle. The toy run is hosted by Solo Angeles of Tijuana. The purpose of this event is to allow the needy children of Tijuana the opportunity to receive gifts and toys that they normally wouldn’t receive during the year. The only requirement for this event is that you bring a toy or some kind of gift. Some clubs go all out and donate bicycles, tricycles. According to the Solo Angeles over 10,000 children receive toys or gifts.

Tijuana Toy Run Event Information
The Tijuana Toy Run is a spectacular event, it is estimated that 4 to 5000 bikers come from clubs from all over California and Mexico. Every motorcycle has some type of toy or gift strapped to the handle bars or to the back of the bike. The Tijuana Toy Run starts in chicano park and sharply at 10:00AM the ride begins. One by one Harleys, japanese, street bikes and other concoctions’ make there way to the 805 freeway towards the Otay Mesa Border Crossing. It is always interesting to see the look on people’s faces when 5000 motorcycles pass by you on the freeway. Once we all reach the Otay Border we are met by more motorcyclists in Mexico and together we are police escorted to the final destination at Revolucion Ave. in downtown Tijuana. Once we arrive in Tijuana there are children running around all over the place, they could not be more excited by the rumbling of bikes and the excitement of presents to come. The children will surround your bike asking you for the toy; however the event organizers ask that you bring all the toys to a central area, where they can call the children up one by one, ensuring that everyone gets a gift.

Tijuana Revolucion Ave.
While the children are receiving there gifts the local bars and streets get packed with thousands of bikers. There is live music at the main bandstands and even the beautiful tijuana girls make an appearance. The event lasts all day, however some bikers decide to keep the ride going and head to Puerto Nuevo for some lobster. The best part for us is that on the way home the US Border knows we are coming, literally thousands of motorcycles are shimmying their way through masses of cars all the way to the front of the line. I have never had to wait more than 10 minutes. This is not a good day to be in a car.